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Nanoor Panchayat Samity and Nanoor Development Block have hosted this website purely for non profitable motive. Disseminating important information regarding various government schemes to the Citizens is the sole idea behind the endeavour. For this purpose information retrieved from other websites and booklets from various government and non government institutions (SIPRD, Kalyani, for instance) has  extensively been used. We take the opportunity to seek their kind forgiveness and valued permission for publishing it online.


Natural disasters continue to strike unabated and without notice and are perceived to be on the increase in their magnitude


Natural disasters continue to strike unabated and without notice and are perceived to be on the increase in their magnitude, complexity, frequency and economic impact. These hazards pose threat to people, Inafrastructures and economic assets and assume disastrous proportions when they occur in areas of dense human habitations.

             Nanoor Block is situated under Bolpur Sub-Division, Suri is the Block Head Quarter and its jurisdiction up to Palitpur in the southern side, Kirnahar is the northern side, Daskalgram in the eastern side and Mohanpur in the Western side Geographical area of Nanoor Block is 311.83 Sq. Km consisting of 11 Gram Panchayats covering 137 mouzas, 177 villages. Total population as per 2011 Census is 2,18,543.

             It appears from the Previous FLOOD affected year i.e. year 2008 that due to heavy rain and water logging 41 nos. of villages under Nowanagar-Kodda, Thupsara, Jalundi & Uchkaran Gram Panchayat 155 nos. of huts were damaged (Fully/Partly) and about 9000 people were affected, 1437 acre Aman crops were severely damaged.  Beside of flood, cases of fire accident and cases of thunder struck occour herein each year and a good number of public become victims. This plan have been prepared in anticipation of mitigating of human misery in the event of any kind of disasters like flood, cyclone, water logging, fire lightening, road accident or house collapse etc. Action plan at Gram Sansad level & GP level are prepared for fighting the disasters.

             To combat the situation during any sort of disaster the co-ordination and co- operation of all Govt. organizations, Panchayat Raj Bodies, Voluntary Oganizations and local people is earnestly solicited. Below mentioned are some essential services whcih need to be maintained during emergency:  

  • Road Communications.  :

    Authority of P.W.D.(Roads), Kirnaharto be requested to look after the roads and repair the damaged pucca roads, bridges so that relief operations donot get disrupted due to dislocation.No heavy truck would ply on morrum road during the period of incessant rain and flood situation except the vehicles meant for emergency purpose.

  • Tele  Communications & Phone Numbers :

(i)       B.D.O., Nanoor              :         03463-241342

(ii)      Sabhapati, Nanoor         :         03463-241214

(iii)     O/C Nanoor P.S.            :         03463-241357

(iv)     CDPO, Nanoor               :         03463-241693

(v)      BLDO                             :         09434194748

(vi)     BMOH                            :         03463-241358

(vii)    ADO                                :         03463-241405

(viii)   P.W.D. Roads                 :         03463-252528

(ix)     Electric Office, Kirnahar :         03463-267237

Concerned authority of Telephone Department is requested to look after the telephone lines all over the Block area so that it functions         un-interruptedly on the eve of emergency.

  •  Electricity :

           Electricity line should be cut-off in consultation with the Sabhapati, Nanoor P.S., concerned Prodhans, BDO, Nanoor& O/C, Nanoor Police Station.Concerned officials will be informed accordingly.

  •   Warning system :

After receiving the message from the B.D.O., Nanoor, Prodhans would inform the public through miking. On receiving the massage of flood/natural calamity, Prodhans would utilize the service of the G.P. Karmee to alert the people of flood/natural calamity prone area by beat of drums or any other suitable means.

  • Requirements of Boats :

       At least 3 nos. of boats are required at the following flood prone G.P. i.e.

          (i)       Thupsara G.P.                  -      1 boat

          (ii)      Nowanagar - Kodda          -      1 boat

          (iii)     Uchkaran                       -        1 boat

  •  Drinking water :

          District Magistrate is to requested to place adequate fund at the disposal of BDO, Nanoor for sinking and re-sinking the tube wells after flood. Asst. Engineer(RWS) to be requested to take measures for washing, disinfecting, sinking and re-sinking of tube wells by his staff.

  • Requirement of relief materials and contingency an emergency stock :

           SDO, Bolpur is requested to arrange for supply of sufficient no. of polythene sheets, clothingsetc and also relief contingency. He may be requested to take necessary arrangement to keep reserve stock of the following materials for Nanoor Development Block to combat flood if occurs.

          1.       Special GR (Kind)                                                700 Qntls.

          2.       Special GP (Cash)                                                 Rs. 35000.00

          3.       Tarpaulin                                                              1500 pcs.

          4.       Clothings (Dhuti, Saree, Lungi, Ch. Garments)    1000 pcs. each

          5.       Relief contingency                                                          Rs.70000.00

  • GF

      CDPO, Nanoor is requested to direct the Anganwari workers to contact the concerned Prohdan to save food stuff and utensils during flood. He is also requested to ensure availability of food and medicines for mother and child during crisis period.

  • Stock for M.R. commodities

          Inspector, Food & Supply, Nanoor North & South Circleto is requested to keep reserve stock of rice, wheat, sugar, kerosin oil etc under custody of M.R. dealers and wholesalers.

         M.R. commodities  rice, sugar & K. oil meant for flood purpose should be kept reserved upto 31.10.2011 under custody of the dealers of flood prone villages. At least 2000ltrs.of K. oil  should be kept reserved with big dealers. 100ltrs. of K. oil and 200ltrs.of K. oil should be kept upto 31.10.2011 as reserve stock with each M.R. dealers of non-flood and flood prone villages respectively. Sub-Divisional Controller (F & S) may be requested to ensure availability of M.R. commodities including dry food, rice etc. from the M.R. shops, chira mill, grocery shops in this block area or near by.

          Representatives form Food & Supply Department are to ensure that dry foods are made available from Kirnahar and Khujutipara markets.

  • Veterinary centers

Name of centers

Name of the G.P. which will be covered under the centers

Nanoor Block animal health centre

Nanoor, Uchkaran, Bara Saota, Charkalgram

Basapara Addl. animal health centre

Jalundi, Thupsara, N-Kodda

Kirnahar Addl. animal health centre

Daskalgram-Kareya  I, Daskalgram-Kareya  II, Kirnahar  I, Kirnahar  II

Naungram animal health centre

N-Kodda (Part), Thupsara(Part)

   BLDO, Nanoor to procure essential medicines and fodder in sufficient quantity for pre/post flood measures.

 Medical &Sanitation :

Preparatory measures to be taken keeping in mind the possibilities of water /flood borne deceases likely to occur (for exam. cold fever, cough, skin decease, amebiacis etc.).

Necessary medicines to be kept at disposal during flood

     1. Bleaching power              2.Halazone tabs                        3.C.R.S.     

4. Tab. Metronidazol            5.Tab. Norfloxacin                    6.Rantidine

7.  Reglan Tb.                     8.Anti-Spasmodic Tab.             9.Antacid Tab.

10.Ciprofloxacin Tab.          11.Amoxicillin Tab.                  12.Paracetamal Tab.

13.Mercuerochrome Tab.    14.Phenyl                                15.Dettol

14.Cough Syrup                  15.Anti-biotic Suspension       16.Metrogyl Suspension

17.Anti-emetic suspension  18.5% dextrose saline              19.Ringer Lactate Inj.    

20.I.V. Fluid                        21.Salaine /ORS                     22.Ampicillin Cap.

The B.M.O.H. is requested for arrangement of :-

         1.       Inoculation, vaccination and health care.

2.       Storing of medicines and equipments in flood prone areas.

3.       Stock of essential medicines in vulnerable areas.

4.       Stock of O.R.S., bleaching powder and anti-venum for snake bites.

5.       Setting of temporary health care units.

6.       Sanitation of affected areas.

(Since health care is a highly technical issue and involves human life, the BMOHis to be requested to draw up her own action plan in case of natural disasters)

Agriculture :

        ADA, Nanoorto is requested to :-

          1.       Storing of seedlings, seeds minikit, fertilizers, insecticides and other

agriculture inputs for making them readily available to the affected cultivators under loan / grant for raising alternative crops.

          2.       Raising of seed beds and to keep them in stock in places prone to disaster

3.       Introduction of new seeds storage bank scheme.

  • Accidental benefit due to flood/ natural calamity :

        If any death occurs due to flood /natural calamity the following steps should be taken to initiate ex-gratia grant. G.P. Prodhans should inform the following guide lines to all concerned.

a)            G.D. entry at the Police Station

b)           Death certificate

c)            Post Mortem report &

d)           Police report. 

  •  Functions of Gram Panchayat :

         It was resolved that during the crisis period G.P. offices will remain open round the clock. As per existing norms all foodgrains and relief articles which would be replaced at the Block Development Office, Nanoor would be sub-allotted to the Gram Panchayats in consultation with the PanchayatSamity. G.P. office will prepare relief priority list with the help of three mans committee viz. concerned G.P. member, concerned P.S. member & one Govt. official and Prodhan will distribute relief materials against muster rolls.

          Prodhans would send periodical report of flood damage in prescribed form i.e. CA-II. Prodhans would utilise the services of all staff placed at their disposal.

         All sorts of co-operations would be accepted from all levels. All head of offices of this block area should instruct their staff not to leave the head quarters during flood emergency. They would also remain present to co-operate the relief works.

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